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Headzone Records is an independent record label focused on music we love and totally believe in, specializing Vinyl and CDs worldwide and in Los Angeles CA.
Massimo Vivona was born in Sicily Italy. He was young and impressionable during the explosion of electronic influence in music and was absolutely captivated by the 'other worldly' sounds that were able to be achieved through experimentation of electronic instrumentation. Groups such as Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Rockets and Mike Oldfield were all a huge inspiration for Massimo to go deeper into his passion for music production. Also influenced by funk, Massimo cites tremendous inspiration was sparked by artists such as Johnny Guitar Watson and James Brown. Massimo began Dj'ing at age 11 at events in Sicily and these events kept growing larger. Upon coming of age, Massimo moved to Germany to pursue music production further. When his first production "De Largo' was complete, he gave it to Pete Namlook of FAX RECORDS label in Frankfurt. Torsten Fenslau, the manager of club DORIAN GRAY in Frankfurt got a hold of the single and it was soon after placed at #1 on the club charts in Germany. This began Massimo's international DJ career. Massimo has over 65 releases, including 6 albums and has been featured on over 85 successful electronic dance compilations worldwide. His repertoire includes works published by Sony Music, BMG Ariola and has collaborated with Warner Chappell Music and Universal Music for licensing.
Massimo Vivona founded Headzone Records in 1995 along with Andy Howarth founder of Intergroove Distribution UK. Their focus was the worldwide distribution of vinyl and CD's of some of the most cutting edge electronic music artists. Massimo continues to have a deep appreciation for vinyl and to this day prefers playing his sets on vinyl. "Digital sounds sort of synthetic compared to vinyl, it does not have the sound quality that vinyl does; Vinyl has a much more warm sound and is the grandfather of digital music and should be respected." "Vinyl gives life to the music." Headzone Records is currently operating out of the U.S with the same mission of the distribution of exceptional electronic music on vinyl worldwide. "Special thanks to Pete Namlook for believing in my music RiP, and my brother Andy Howarth and All Family of Intergroove for also believing in my creativity."
Massimo Vivona (A.K.A)
Kulprit • Oj Project • Kinetico • Gamma • Gorn • Yaka Suki • Luke Cage • Syled • Xenon • Elevator • John Sferos

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headzone records

Massimo Vivona

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Massimo Vivona (A.K.A)

• Kulprit
• Oj Project
• Kinetico
• Gamma
• Gorn
• Yaka Suki
• Luke Cage
• Elevator
• Slyed
• Xenon
• John Sferos

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