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With an iconic and legacy dating back over 25 years, HEADZONE RECORDS is one of the most loved brands of electronic music.
What began in 1995 as label records to reflect the emerging electronic music scene in the UK is now a global multimedia brand with resources ranging from print, Vinyl, Cd’s and more.

Headzone Records is an International Product in Dance Music
As owners of the influential in the world. Besides DJs and clubs.
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Headzone Records

massimo vivona founded Headzone Records in 1995 along with Andy Howarth founder of Intergroove Distribution UK. Their focus was the worldwide distribution of vinyl and CD’s of some of the most cutting edge electronic music artists. Massimo continues to have a deep appreciation for vinyl and to this day prefers playing his sets on vinyl. “Digital sounds sort of synthetic compared to vinyl, it does not have the sound quality that vinyl does; Vinyl has a much more warm sound and is the grandfather of digital music and should be respected.” “Vinyl gives life to the music.”

Headzone Records is currently operating out of the U.S with the same mission of the distribution of exceptional electronic music on vinyl worldwide.
massimo vivona Music and Producer and founder of Headzone Records LLC 1995 / 2020 USA ® Registered trademark. By Headzone Records.©

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