Electronica, Techno, Progressive...

Alexander Lavrier

Passionate about music, studying at the conservatory, he started in the 80s with different programs on several free radio stations.

At the same time, he was interested very early in groups like Kraftwerk, Front 242, Trisomy 21, New Order, Clan of Xymox, Béruriers Noirs, Killing Joke, Psyché, A Flock of Seagulls, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, The Chaméleons, Neon Judgment, Anne Clark, Underworld …

His style is inspired by these legends.

He is passionate about electro music.

From MK2 to the first Atari sequencer it naturally evolves towards Techno music.

In the 90s, he organized the first TechnoRock evenings (mix of Techno and Rock).

In innovative clubs like Bikini or ACTV, the first raves parties are arriving.

He became one of the first players on the electronic scene in Toulouse.

In 1993 he opened S.D.F. record (Sonido Del Futuro) the first Techno shop in Toulouse.

He organizes several festivals. At the same time he created his Equinoxe records label.

He is selected in the Techno 2000 Talents category at MIDEM under the nickname of LINOS (10 000 CD)

He plays around the world France, Spain (collaboration with Cristian Varela), England (collaboration with Chris Liberator), Japan (with Massimo Vivona), Africa and Dom Tom (Reunion Island, Mauritius), Thailand (Koh Pan gan)

He is currently working in his studio (Alpha Studio) and preparing new songs
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