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With a career spanning over 28 years, Andrew Till is one of few players with a stake in, not only the establishment, but the defining of electronic music in Australia. If ever the term “pioneer” was to be thrown around, it might well be thrown at Andrew Till. And it would stick.

Amidst a budding club and rave culture, hot on the heels of the halcyon summer of love, Andrew Till was amongst the first delivering the new dawn. First as DJ and event organizer, then as co-founder of Australia’s first and most influential electronic label.

Psy-Harmonics burst onto the scene in 1993 and would quickly thrust Till and partner Ollie Olsen onto the world stage, riding at the crest of a new wave of electronica that would crash far beyond our shores. For the next 16 years this label would offer up countless gems, to cement a timeless place in the worldwide pantheon of dance music.

As a dj, and repertoire manager, Andrew Till’s success marks him as elite. His legacy has earned a legion of fans the world over. Launching from hometown Melbourne, his tour schedule is constant: Tokyo, Helsinki, South Africa, Europe, USA, South East Asia, the list goes on and on.

His globetrotting takes in all corners but none more so than Japan. Harboring a particular fascination, Japan has played host with 50+ gigs from the largest festivals & nightclubs including; Ageha, Liquid Room, Womb, Velfare, Nagisa Music Festival, Space Gathering, Total Solar Eclipse festival (Amami-Oshimi) to the most intimate indoor and outdoor venues.

Andrew Till is known for being an innovator: a stylist whose sets are part conjuring act, part act of persuasion: a composite of timing and compositional balance. He mesmerizes with beautifully realized structure and broadens horizons with his call to war: the tension of being swept up in the familiar, and dropped into the unknown.

A view to the horizon and an open minded appraisal of emerging sounds has forged for Andrew Till, the respect of his peers, the endorsement of the music seeking public and continual success on the label front.

In 2009 a new wave surged. Machine Label is the new kid on the block, the techno lovechild, spawned by the club of the same name. Machine is the current driving undercurrent of Andrew Till’s techno fame. Co-owned with Simon Slieker, Machine has become the flag bearer for a procession of burgeoning new talent from Australia and abroad. Machine Club is the monthly embodiment, public outlet and testing ground, whilst Machine Label throws it out to the world.

Andrew Till continues to deliver forward thinking electronic music as an artist, dj, A&R, manager and mentor. His vast dedication to the development and progression of the culture that became an industry is his inspiration and motivation. And so through 2018 he rolls on, in no danger of slowing, like some kind of Machine.

Band Members
Artists: The Black Moy, Linas, Blood & Tears, G3D9, Vincenn, Petrou, Backroom Reality, D-Rex, Lateral, Enclave, Ground Loop, Unu, Orion, Korben Nice, Brian Burger, H229 (Xavier Morel & Shane Berry), Sly Faux, Digital Primate, Ollie Olsen, Andrew Till & more.
Melbourne, Australia
Record Label
MACHINE is an Australian based record label for deep futuristic techno music.
MACH001 : Brian Burger – Serious Drive EP
MACH002 : The Black Moy – Abyss Ep  See More
Current Location
Melbourne, Australia
General Manager
Andrew Till, Simon Slieker, Matthew Drape