armando kroma

Armando Kroma

Terrakroma is the three headed groove collective created by Armando Kroma, Andrew Kroma & Gabriel Pachakroma. From the beat factory you can hear a wide range of influences coming from Andrew and Gabriel making beats in Boston 12 years ago and with the universe conspiring, to find old souls together with Armando to create Terrakroma.
Terrakroma is now 10 years in the making. This crew is unique in that not only do they compose music, but they also have created a whole team of Kroma’s doing event production, international bookings, and local LA artist promotions all under the same name; Terrakroma is an enterprise of expression, bringing lovers of music and life together. With this musical trio now residing in Los Angeles, their music has molded into progressive electronica which maintains a balance between organic and synthesized sound, deep basses, technical tribal rhythms, and experimentation with an arrangement of psychedelic sounds. TK is now reaching crowds worldwide, colaborating with major labels and artists. You will find their music under Desertrax, ON&OFF Records, Open Records, Adapted Records, Techgnosis Records and Horn and Hoofs Records; You can hear remixes with artist such as Antix and Fiord, Matador, Tom Cosm, Astronivo, Duca, Rebel HiFi, Dani the Menace and more… Hail the Oyster and Soulcabone! Their music always has a story, and that story is ever unfolding.