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massimo vivona 

Headzone Records/1995/2020:..Releases and Bio.
Headzone Records is an independent record label focused on music we love and totally believe in, specializing Vinyl and CDs worldwide and in Los Angeles CA. MORE…

Francesco Conti,

Dj and electronic music producer. Born in Rome in April 1976, he grew up between radios and discos. MORE.

Chris Liberator

Chris started djing back in 1991 playing his first ever party in a squat in North London (organised with the fledgling Liberator crew featuring himself, Julian and Aaron). Liberator. MORE…

Marco Zaffarano

In 1987 Marco Zaffarano came into contact with acid records for the first time, which strongly influenced him.
From then on he spent 3 years in a Stuttgart dance school and looked for a suitable playground to live out his love for electronic music…MORE

Armando Kroma
Terrakroma – has certainly carved out a niche in time with their unique playful sound. Armando, Andrew & Gabriel are the founders of the collective. MORE…


Since 99g., Has been active in the international music arena, representing his native St. Petersburg.MORE…

Alexander Levrier
Passionate about music, studying at the conservatory, he started in the 80s with different programs on several free radio stations. At the same time, he was interested very early in groups like Kraftwerk, Front 242, Trisomy 21, New Order, Clan of Xymox…MORE

Andrew Till

Andrew Till
With a career spanning over 28 years, Andrew Till is one of few players with a stake in, not only the establishment, but the defining of electronic music in Australia. If ever the term “pioneer” was to be thrown around, it might well be thrown at Andrew Till. And it would stick…MORE

Francesco Passentino

During 2013, as based in Berlin, Francesco performed at parties of the German capital such as “ Club Der Visionaere”, “ Hoppetosse”, “about blank” and “Chalet” and decided to change the set up. MORE…

Gabriele Carasco
Gabriele Carasco is a Producer and Sound Engineer based in Berlin.
Since an early age, he has played piano inspired by his grandfather, an orchestra director, and his mother, a professional piano player.
By his father he inherits the passion for tech..MORE



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