francesco passentino


During 2013, as based in Berlin, Francesco performed at parties of the German capital such as “ Club Der Visionaere”, “ Hoppetosse”, “://about blank” and “Chalet” and decided to change the set up.

As a kid he is attracted from the soundtracks of several films that introduce, unconsciously himself to electronic music. The passion blooms in the nineties when he started DJing and lands in prominent venues.
Unsatisfied to put only the records of others, he starts to produce his own music founding, with two friends, the Air Kraft Vision team, that in early 2000s stands out with a live act based on MIDI sequences created and mixed live with machines usually relegated to the recording studio.
In 2004 Francesco founds the label Tractorecords and embraces genres such as tech house and minimal techno, realizing various collaborations with labels and foreign bookings. In 2012 he moves to Berlin where he created, with Gabriele Carasco and I-Max, the Round Qube Musik. In 2017, instead, it’s time of Vinyl2Go, a company dedicated to print vinyl in small quantities for every music genre, and Berliner Vinyl Werk, a small record store.