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massimo vivona is his studio, our studio is provided by a well-qualified list in all sectors and an analog world where there is much more manual work than with the computer, his magnificent warm sound is extremely significant in his sound, very belonging to 1994 until 2020, it has modernized in the vast digital and analagic fields where there is no border, but after having made 3 long years of experience in school as an engineer in Hamburg, he continues his journey and his fantasy, ex-experiences software.




Studio List

Roland XV-5080.
Waldorf Microwave.
Yamaha TX802.
ROLAND JD800 Vintage Synthesizer.
Akai S1100 Digital Stereo Sampler 2×2.
Klark Teknik DN60 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer.
Klark Teknik DN360 Dual 30 Band Equalizer.
Monarch Digital Delay EEM 3000.
Roland Phase Shifter SPH-323.
DBX 363X Dual Gate 2×2.
Behringer Ultrafex II EX 3100.
2x JBL JRX-100 / JRX-125/ PA-Lautsprecher mit 2.000 Watt.
1x JBL JRX-100 / JRX118S/ 1x 18″ Subwoofer mit 1.400 Watt.
Kurzweil K2000R V.A.S.T. Player.
Frequenzweiche aktiv LD Systems X 223.
14 HE STUDIO-Rack 2×2.
Synthax SynDrive SCSI / 3,5 Gehäuse.
Behringer Powerplay Pro HA 4400 4-Channel Headphone.
DISC Emagic AMT-8 Midi Interface.
Roland Dep-5 / Digital Effects Processor.
YAMAHA TX-81Z Classic TX81Z 80’s FM Synthesizer.
RTW 1020E Peakmeter.
Kenton Electronics Pro 2.
Kenton Electronics Kenton Electronics Pro-4.
CARVER PM 100. Akai S1000.
Onkyo Integra DX-7711 High-End.
Roland SRV-330.

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