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Year: 2019
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Massimo Vivona’s on a roll. He’s maintained a visible presence on the DJ & producer scenes since the 90s, even if his recorded output has favored 12”s and downloads. But when he decides to go the physical media (née CD) route, the results truly exceed expectations. Metromatiko is just that, a bracing slice of dark-chocolate smooth, motorik techno, initialized with an obvious craftsmen’s touch and artful poise. Tracks such as the mega-hypnotic “Ultra Follow Up” and the deep-space dub-funk of “Planetario” are stark reminders that Vivona’s one of the great unsung purveyors of contemporary intelligent dance music, the sublime frequencies of which soak effortlessly into your earspace. Recalling the bygone days of such armchair techno masters as Ken Ishii, Gerd, early Atom Heart, et al, Metromatiko traverses such rich historical avenues as it immerses your soul deep within its mantra-esque contours, keenly delivering the aural goods 21st-century style.


1. Planetario

2. Ultra Follow

3. Level On

4. The Love of Ocean

5. Escape

6. La Speranza

7. Close Your Eyes

8. World of 303

9. The Scream of the Native



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