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Since 99g., Has been active in the international music arena, representing his native St. Petersburg. Since 2004 It is published in Russia and abroad on such music labels as Tantrumm Records / USA, Vertigo Records / Russia, Dharmaharmony Records / USA, Temple Twisters Records / India, Shaman Films Records / USA and others.

The movement began in the gangster nineties: frequent parties, first performances, first live in 2001. In 2006, according to the version of the All-Russian voting “Event of the Year” in Moscow, it entered the TOP-5 of the best psytrance musicians of the country. In 2008, together with Indian mastodons such as Silent Horror and Flipknot, he released the joint album “The Big Brainwash” on the Indian label “Tremors Underground”. Two years later, the first full-length album, Audio Drama, was released on the Japanese label Mighty Quinn Records in November 2010. Despite the appearance of illegal mp3 copies in peer-to-peer networks, just a few minutes after the disc was released, the album quickly burst into the charts of the main distributors of the planet! And already in August of the following year, the digital mini album “Nanozoo” was released on the Portuguese label “Sin Records”.

Over the course of a career, about a hundred releases have been released under various names and pseudonyms. The tour geography includes about 40 regions of Russia, Finland, Belarus, Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, India, Germany. In 2012, he founded GOA Buddit! traffic.

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